3 Way Kitchen Tap for Reverse Osmosis Black Rubber

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Two independent circuits

– Hot and cold water mixer
– Connection to filtered water
– Filtered Water Valve



More colors available on request.


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3 Way Kitchen Tap for Reverse Osmosis Black Rubber



A modern and elegant two-way three-way faucet. It has a traditional connection to hot and cold water, and additionally includes a third water connection filtered from an RO filter.

This additional functionality allows you to enjoy a clean and delicious water straight from the tap without having to install additional, second spout the water filter.



3 Way Kitchen Tap for Reverse Osmosis System



Tap with connection to filtered water

✶ finish: easy to keep clean, leaves no fingerprints
✶ Spout swivels up to 360 °
✶ ceramic heads
✶ 2 flexible connection hoses (cold and hot water)
✶ 1 connection hose for the filter – 500 mm with a quick-coupling for the water filter
✶ 2 aerators
✶ brass main body
✶ filtered water control valve
✶ pull out 3 – layers structure rubber


Two independent circuits

– hot and cold water mixer
– connection to filtered water


What is included in the set: 3 Way Kitchen Tap for Reverse Osmosis Black Rubber ?

The set includes all the elements needed for installation (faucet, gaskets, flexible reinforced hoses for connecting hot, cold and filtered water, rosette, connector for connecting the water filter hose)




Stream water helps you cleaning sink or wash dishes.

Included is a complete set of accessories to connect.
– modern styling and appearance
– easy to keep the tap clean and leaves no visible fingerprints
– fits in a modern kitchen
– solid and aesthetic workmanship
– reliability guarantee
– valve with ceramic head



Buying a 3-way tap will save you time and money. To a large extent, also contributes to environmental protection. Get rid of buying bottled water forever and enjoy clean water in your kitchen.



Read about water treatment:


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