3 Stage RO Water Filter For Aquarium


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Body size: 35 x 19 x 12cm
Membrane: 100GPD
Feed Water Connection Fitting 1/2”



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3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter For Aquarium



A reverse osmosis system will treat your tap water for drinking. It will remove from water such contaminants as: bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, carcinogenic and poisonous chemicals, rust and chlorine.




Stage 1

Polypropylene filter removes larger mechanical impurities.

C2IPQ cartridge structure provides outstanding retention performance
water pollution. The cartridges do not contain any additives
chemical. They perfectly absorb sand, silt, rust and others
suspensions from drinking water. Polypropylene fibers are resistant
to chemicals and prevent it from developing
out of microorganisms.


Stage 2

Reverse osmosis membrane

VONTRON 100 GPD Revese osmosis membranes are an essential component of every RO-based water purification system. Containing e.g. polyamide, they are highly effective when it comes to the separation of clear water and drain. The pre-filters in RO systems purify the water before it enters the membrane, whereas post-filters, installed after the membrane, enhance the taste and smell of water and also provide it with minerals. The membranes stop up to 99% of organic and non-organic contamination, heavy metals and other elements larger than 0,0001 . µm

The RO membrane is compsed of multiple layers, which are wound around a stem inside the membrane. The contaminated water is pressed through the membrane surface. Water particles are pushed through microscopic pores of the filtration layers. After separation, the impurities are lead to the drain, whereas the purified water reaches the central canal of the membrane and then is pressed to the clear water outlet.


Stage 3

Coconut carbon filter

C2ICCQ Linear cartridge with coconut shell granulated activated carbon. It improves the taste and smell of water. They remove chlorine, chlorine-like solvents from water, most chlorine-based pesticides, many aromatic compounds.


Set including 

✶ 3-stage water filtration system
✶ Feed Water Connection Fitting
✶ All necessary filter cartridges
✶ Osmotic membrane
✶ Wastewater drainage clamp
✶ Mounting brackets
✶ Installation Guide



How to take care of the system?

Service life of the cartridges:

C2IPQ replace after: 6000 Liter or 3-6 months
C2ICCQ replace after: 9500 Liter or 6-12 months
RO membrane replace after 3-4 years



We also offer 3 way taps – to avoid an extra hole in kitchen worktop.



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