Filter cartridges for NANO PAD (6months)


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Set including


PP-33 mechanical pre-filter

CTO-33 carbon pre-filter


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PP-33 and  CTO-33 for 6 months service


A reverse osmosis system will treat your tap water for drinking. It will remove from water such contaminants as: bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, carcinogenic and poisonous chemicals, rust and chlorine.



✶ You get crystal clear water, free of limescale – always a clean kettle without sediment.

✶ You will not need any more cartridges for the coffee machine.

✶ You don’t have to buy and carry water bottles.

✶ You will improve the quality of the taste and smell of water, brewed beverages and cooked dishes.

✶ Thanks to the built-in mineralizer, you will get the necessary elements needed for the proper functioning of the body, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium.


Set including two filter cartridges 



1.       PP-33 mechanical pre-filter, removes sand, silt, rust and other mechanical impurities

2.        CTO-33 carbon pre-filter, improves the taste and smell of water, protects membranes against chlorine and its derivatives



How to take care of the system?


The first 2 stages should be changed approx every 6 months.

Lifetime of the membranes is approx 3 to 4 years

The extra mineral cartridge should be replaced every year.

We also offer 3 way taps – to avoid an extra hole in kitchen worktop.



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