Car Seat Braam 360° Group 0-1-2-3 Carbon

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Size : 44 x 51 x 64-84 cm
Weight range : 0-36 kg
Weight of seat : 11 kg
Installation : forward or rearward facing
ISOFIX + stability leg
Material – polyester
Washable – at 30° C


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Car seat rotate 360° Lionelo Braam

Colour Carbon


Rotate 360°

Stability leg + ISOFIX or belts

From birth 0-36 kg

Reverse-facing driving possible up to 18 kg!

Additional side protection

Sun visor


Certificate TUV


Safety and driving comfort


ISOFIX system in combination with a stabilizer foot reduces the forces acting on a child in the event of sudden braking or collision, effectively protecting the baby. The leg also makes the car seat can be easily mounted to rotate without having to disconnect.
Rotate 360° – The use of unique technology makes the car seat can be freely rotated around its own axis without the need to release the guide. Turning the seat to the door of the car can be easily and effortlessly put the baby properly in the seat.
Back up to 18 kg – unlike most other car seats, Braam allows transporting children rearward facing up to 18 kg weight – according to the recommendations of experts.
For the safety and convenience of the newborn the seat is equipped with an extra pillow insert and reduction in system Dri-Seat.


Adjusts to the age of the child


The 9-step adjustment of the headrest makes the seat grow with the child. Adjust the headrest is integrated into the seat belts, which significantly increases comfort.
5 levels of tilt guarantee of comfort and the correct position of the child.
5 point seat belts – Sturdy straps keep the child in the seat. Extra pillows on the belts prevent chafing baby’s sensitive skin and non-slip pads ensure correct position of the belt.

Breathable reduction insert
The Dri-Seat insert has been developed to act as a reduction insert – it ensures a safer and more comfortable positioning of the child in the seat.
Dri-Seat is distinguished by a 3-layer construction:
The fabric with a special weave provides adequate ventilation
The filling of the appropriate density adjusts to the child’s build
Pleasant to the touch fabric does not irritate the baby’s delicate skin
Until now, this structured material has only been widely used in the high-quality sportswear industry.


Included is a detachable visor, which protects the baby from the intense sun, prevent overheating and increases comfort.
Soft, flexible and durable padding, exceptionally easy to keep clean. Vacuuming alone allows you to remove most of the dirt, and the material is also washable (up to 30 degrees).


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