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2 membranes HiDROTEK 250 GPD



Membranes Set for NANO PAD HiDROTEK 250 GPD


A reverse osmosis system will treat your tap water for drinking. It will remove from water such contaminants as: bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, carcinogenic and poisonous chemicals, rust and chlorine.


Reverse Osmosis System cartridge


✶ Get crystal clear water, free of limescale – always a clean kettle without sediment.

✶ You will not need any more cartridges for the coffee machine.

✶ Forget about buying and carrying bottled water.

✶ It will improve the quality of taste and smell of water, brewed drinks and cooked foods.

✶ Thanks to the built-in mineralizer, you will get the necessary elements needed for the proper functioning of the body, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium.


What is included in the set: Membranes HiDROTEK 250 GPD NANO PAD ?



3/4.   NANOFILTRATION MEMBRANE with a capacity of 250 GPD each. Membranes of this type work similarly to OSMOTIC membranes, but they do not receive all mineral compounds, they are also characterized by a much lower rejection of water to the sewage system.


Water Filter Reverse Osmosis System undersink brita cartridge drinking water RO7 UV lamp RO8 PRO Nanopad



How to take care of the system?


The first 2 stages should be changed approx every 6 months.

Lifetime of the membranes is approx 3 to 4 years

The extra mineral cartridge should be replaced every year.

We also offer 3 way taps – to avoid an extra hole in kitchen worktop.



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